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 The Benjamin Curtis Foundation was established by Jane Pow and since its inception in 1999 has continued to provide high quality training and professional development support to colleagues in schools, academies and local authorities across the UK and overseas. The work of the Foundation is focused on improving the learning experience and outcomes for children in schools; we achieve this by working closely with organisations and individuals at all levels to improve leadership of our schools and academies and to raise standards in the quality of teaching and learning.  

Jane Pow M Sc Leadership and Management

Director of The Benjamin Curtis Foundation

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Jane is the Founder of The Benjamin Curtis Foundation. She has taught and led in schools in the primary and secondary sectors and went on to train teachers and to lead professional development as Head of In-Service Training at Bishop Grosseteste College in Lincoln. Jane's expertise in leading development in a wide variety of educational contexts both in the UK and overseas is consistently regarded as inspirational and motivational. She is the author of 'Through the Eyes of the Child' a manual for teaching and learning that offers practical, no-nonsense strategies to achieve high quality outcomes in pupils' learning. Jane believes strongly that children learn best through first-hand experience and that the child should be at the centre of all that happens in our schools and in our classrooms.

Who was Benjamin Curtis

Jane's father, Benjamin Curtis, was a philosopher and reflective writer and thinker. He was a great teacher and promoter of learning through life's experiences, both positive and challenging. He demonstrated his approach to learning in the methodology he applied to bringing up his five children, and every day exemplified for them his values, beliefs and principles, which may be summarised in the following principles:

Everyone has a right to learn and to succeed

Everyone has a unique set of personal qualities, skills and talents that may help them to succeed

The responsibility to achieve success lies with the individual.  Potential to achieve is not finite - it is ongoing

Real success depends directly upon the individual's ability to overcome challenge

The true potential of the individual to be successful lies in her/his commitment to helping others to reach their potential

These principles were encapsulated by Benjamin Curtis in the following brief quotation:

'Mankind is a race of individuals in the process of progressing from animal to angel. The difference between animal and Angel is the spiritual characteristic of compassion.'

Benjamin Curtis Wright



A Reputation for Excellence

Our professional development and support programmes have been highly evaluated by our clients over thirteen years.  During that time we have enjoyed excellent feedback and reviews at both national and local level leading to a long standing high reputation for our services. Our consultants are carefully selected from a range of backgrounds and by word of mouth; all have exceptional reputations in support and delivery of professional development programmes and are excellent teaching practitioners.

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