TeachBest Options Programme

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The Benjamin Curtis Foundation TeachBest Options Programme is designed for teachers of all experience levels and abilities. Whether you are a newly-qualified teacher, an experienced teacher or a colleague who is returning to teaching, our TeachBest Options Programme can help you develop in the area(s) you feel you most need to.

A current priority for all school leaders is to ensure the quality of teaching that pupils receive is of the highest standard. Supporting teachers to achieve outstanding teaching, and helping 'underperforming' teachers requires a practical and focused approach on the part of those who lead teaching in your school. You will find that practical support in our TeachBest Options Programme. Any of the sessions in the programme will be highly valuable to both teachers who need to improve specific aspects of their teaching and to leaders whose role is to coach others towards consistent, outstanding performance.

Our bespoke training events are detailed in the column to your left. For more information please call us on 01709 864 020 or email us at enquiries@bcfoundation.com.