Teaching Mathematics

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Teaching mathematics: Early Years and Key Stage 1 (1 day course)

Teaching mathematics: Key Stage 2 (1 day course)

Improve your competency and confidence in teaching mathematics.

Following the removal of the numeracy strategy as strong guidance for schools and teachers, many schools are reviewing the way they teach mathematics. This day will offer a clear, rigorous and practical approach to outstanding teaching of mathematics based on what teachers identify as the 'best bits' of the strategy and what national and international research tells us. Applying these strategies will enhance pupil outcomes and achievement. During the day participants will:

  • Develop their own confidence in teaching numerical skills.
  • Learn how to develop pupils' competence and confidence in number by applying a daily 'building block' approach.
  • Raise standards of achievement in number and calculation through a personalised approach to teaching based on individual assessments and differentiated tasks.
  • Explore ideas for exciting activities for 'real' mathematics, enabling pupils to learn from firsthand experience (perhaps linked to an over-arching theme or topic) and to make sense of the mathematics in the world around them.